2-Station Luxury Restroom Trailers

Ideal for tight spaces, glamping retreats, and job sites.

Luxury Unveiled: The Lavatory NorCal’s 2-Station Restroom Trailer

In the realm of portable restroom solutions, The Lavatory NorCal stands as a beacon of excellence, showcasing its luxurious 2-station restroom trailer—a compact masterpiece designed to elevate events and job sites across Northern California. Let’s delve into why this opulent restroom option is the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality, tailored for intimate gatherings, glamping experiences, and job sites with limited space.

Tailored Luxury for Intimate Events and Job Sites

Our 2-station restroom trailer is a testament to tailored luxury, proving that size doesn’t compromise opulence. Crafted for events hosting 150 guests or fewer and job sites accommodating 20 employees or less, this portable facility brings a touch of extravagance to confined spaces. It’s the ideal choice for those seeking refined restroom solutions for smaller-scale gatherings and job sites where space is at a premium.

Amenities That Redefine Comfort

What sets our rental packages apart is the inclusion of fully equipped amenities. Imagine having running hot and cold water at your fingertips, efficient climate controls ensuring year-round comfort, and contemporary design features transforming a portable restroom into a haven of sophistication. Our commitment is to provide users with a home-like comfort experience, even when they’re away from home.

Versatility Unleashed: Elevate Your Occasion

Whether you’re planning a special event, managing an emergency, or addressing the restroom needs of a compact job site, our luxury 2-station restroom trailer is the epitome of sophistication. It’s an invitation to elevate your events with a touch of opulence, handle emergencies with grace, and cater to job sites with facilities that mirror the excellence found in larger units.

Exploring Use Cases Across Northern California

Now, let’s delve into 15 scenarios showcasing how The Lavatory NorCal’s 2-station restroom trailer can make a difference across the region.

  1. Wine Tasting in Napa Valley: The Lavatory NorCal provided its 2-station luxury restroom trailer to enhance the wine-tasting experience at a private vineyard event hosted by the Hess Collection Winery.

  2. Tech Events in Silicon Valley: Google opted for our compact yet luxurious restroom option during their exclusive product launch event in the heart of Silicon Valley.

  3. Outdoor Concerts in Sacramento: The Crocker Art Museum Summer Concert Series experienced a touch of elegance with our 2-station trailer, ensuring VIP restroom facilities for concert attendees.

  4. Weddings in San Francisco: The beautiful union of Mary and John was made even more special with our 2-station restroom trailer, adding a touch of class to their San Francisco wedding at the City Club of San Francisco.

  5. Film Shoots in Oakland: The Lavatory NorCal played a crucial role in ensuring comfort for the cast and crew during the filming of a blockbuster movie at the historic Paramount Theatre in Oakland.

  6. Construction Sites in San Jose: The construction site of the new Adobe headquarters in San Jose prioritized the well-being of its workers by choosing our luxury 2-station restroom trailer.

  7. Festivals in Santa Rosa: The vibrant atmosphere of the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts Summer Festival was complemented by our opulent 2-station trailer, providing a memorable restroom experience for festival-goers.

  8. Corporate Events in Fremont: Tesla hosted a corporate gala in Fremont, where our restroom trailer added a touch of sophistication to the event held at the Ardenwood Historic Farm.

  9. Stockton Community Events: The Lavatory NorCal contributed to the success of Stockton’s Asparagus Festival by providing top-notch restroom facilities with its 2-station trailer.

  10. Local Attractions in South San Francisco: The Oyster Point Park welcomed visitors with our restroom trailer, seamlessly blending into the local attraction with its stunning waterfront views.

  11. Santa Clara Sporting Events: Sporting enthusiasts at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara enjoyed the convenience of our 2-station luxury restroom trailer during major sporting events.

  12. Modesto School & Education Remodels: Grace Davis High School chose our restroom trailer during their campus remodeling project, ensuring students had access to opulent facilities.

  13. Hayward Home and Corporate Remodels: During a corporate office remodel in Hayward, The Lavatory NorCal’s 2-station trailer maintained comfort for employees at the Hayward Executive Airport.

  14. Sunnyvale Disaster Recovery: In the aftermath of a disaster, our restroom trailer served as a vital resource for the Sunnyvale community, aiding in swift recovery efforts at the Sunnyvale Community Center.

  15. Berkeley Emergencies: The Lavatory NorCal played a crucial role in emergency response efforts in Berkeley, providing essential hygiene facilities with its 2-station trailer at Berkeley City Hall.

Connect with The Lavatory NorCal Today

Ready to elevate your events or address restroom needs with sophistication? Contact The Lavatory NorCal today. Serving the entire Central Valley, including Sacramento, San Francisco & South San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Santa Rosa, Fremont, Stockton, & Surrounding Areas, we take pride in delivering opulence to your location. Reach out to our dedicated team to explore how our 2-station restroom trailer rentals can cater to your specific needs. Your event deserves nothing less than the best, and The Lavatory NorCal is here to deliver.

Standard Features

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  • WOMEN’S – 1 Toilet, 1 Sink
  • MEN’S – 1 Toilet, 1 Urinal, 1 Sink
  • Onboard Water Tank
  • Equipped with AC/Heating
  • White China Toilets with Foot Flush
  • Interior & Exterior LED Lights
  • Self Leveling Stairs with Platforms & Railings
  • Seamless Gel-coated Fiberglass Walls, Ceiling, and Sub-floor
  • Oversized Mirrors with Decorative Frames
  • Stainless Steel Sinks
  • Smart Touch Digital Thermostat


Number of Stations Women’s (1) – Men’s (1)
Box Size 7′ 4″ x 11′
Length w/ Tongue 17′
Width w/ Stairs 10′ 7″
Height w/ AC 11′ 4″
Fresh Water Tank 105 Gallons
Waste Tank 300 Gallons
Power Requirements One dedicated 120 Volt-20 amp circuit within 100 feet of trailer
No. of AC Units 1
The Lavatory Nor Cal - Front View 2 Stall Trailer
The Lavatory Nor Cal - Floor Plan View 2 Stall Trailer

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